Wikiapiary – a useful website for MediaWiki admins

A fairly simple idea of gathering statistics from all MediaWiki’s they can find resulted in surprisingly useful website with huge potential. Wikiapiary knows which version of software your wiki use: the skin, extensions, version of MediaWiki itself.

More importantly wikiapiary can show the stats from the point of view of the software: for example here is the page about Semantic Result Formats:

Plot of Semantic Result Formats usage statistics

What’s interesting facts can be found here:

  • some of the extensions are not as popular as we thought them to be. For example Semantic MediaWiki is installed only in 10 percent of the wikis
  • Many wiki admins don’t upgrade their software very often: pretty interesting fact in the world of WMF where nobody give a damn about being compatible with as much versions of MediaWiki as possible.


Why do I claim that Wikiapiary is a super useful website?

  • For start it provides the list of extensions and skins, ranked by popularity, which has never been done before. It’s important for me as wiki admin
  • Secondly it creates a connection between the developers of the extensions and their users. As a programmer I can monitor how popular my extension is, can ask my users to upgrade their versions in case of security risks, maybe propose custom services for them
  • Thirdly it creates a repository of MediaWiki websites based on which it’s possible to organize contests, write case studies, make research and share the experience about proper wiki gardening.

I think that Jamie Thingelstad, the author of Wikiapiary is doing a great job and I’ll try to help him in any way I can.

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  1. Thank you for the great blog post and writeup on WikiApiary! I’m so happy that you and others are finding value and are helping move the site along!

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