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Page Schemas is a great extension for Semantic MediaWiki that allows us to generate the structure of our websites from the XML description called schema. I’ve fallen in love with this extension long before it have been implemented (back then Yaron wanted to call it Semantic Schemas).

So, Page Schemas works like this:

  1. you go to a category page;
  2. you define all the properties, templates and forms that will be used for the pages of this category – this is called the schema;
  3. you push the Generate button and enjoy the result;
  4. if you need to make improvements in the structure of your schema (like add some fields, change the allowed values for properties or modify the template) – you edit the previously defined schema and re-generate all the pages
Page Schemas look like Create a class special page but:
  • It’s more powerful and beautiful: you can define multiple templates for forms (remember ‘Add another’ button?), define the parameters of the fields (like ‘values from category’)
  • It allows you to add and remove the fields and templates without all that tedious mucking about in mediawiki editor
  • it has very nice pluggable architecture and you can connect your own extension to it


4 thoughts on “Page Schemas screencast

  1. Hi Yury, this is really useful! I am very new to Semantic Mediawiki. Could you tell me, is there a way of uploading the Schema.Org schema in XML into a page so that forms in the Semantic MediaWiki are designed around Or a process that is a step in the right direction?
    I’ve been using lots of mediawiki bits and bobs that you created – thanks very much!

    • Well the Page Schemas isn’t related to – it just allows you to define the schema of your forms and templates. But I think that with XSLT you really can convert’s XML to Page Schemas format.

      Anyway the idea to couple SMW and is a really great one, I think I will do some research about that.

  2. Скажите, добрый человек, почему у меня табличек Semantic Property в каждом Field две штуки получается?

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